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My Name Is Sultan Meghji

AI, Banking and Cybersecurity

From the first web browser, to the most advanced current AI, I’ve been at the forefront of innovation for decades

About Sultan Meghji

AI, Banking, Cyber and Regulation

Sultan Meghji most recently served as the inaugural Chief Innovation Officer at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of the United States Government. A noted expert in Al, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing & Web3, he currently is fellow at the George Mason National Security Institute and is a distinguished member of the Bretton Woods Committee. Mr. Meghji has a 30 year career in technology, including launching, scaling and selling a number of startups in frontier technologies, biotech and fintech.

Mr. Meghji is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Frontier Foundry, an AI firm focused on building the most secured AI in markets as diverse as Financial Services, Life Sciences & supporting the United States government


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I appear on a wide variety of TV news networks in my capacity as a noted AI, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and web3. Whether I’m giving my views on the future capabilities of blockchain technology or the challenges standing in the way of cryptocurrency, I always remain balanced and politically impartial. I’m a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, and NBC. I’m also a contributor in my capacity as an emerging technology expert on BBC, CBS, Newsnation, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and the UK’s Sky News.

My commercial successes, combined with my esoteric skillset, have earned me a series of varied advisory roles for the FBI, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and the UK Government. These relationships provide me with a series of insights and experiences that make me a valuable contributor to most discussions and news segments.

I’ve enjoyed success in a range of business ventures—mostly related to startups in the cloud computing, AI, biotech, fintech, and high-tech industries. The value created by these firms now exceeds $5BN USD, which is a testament to my passion for frontier technologies.


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